Borne out of the rain-soaked stones of the Brighton beaches, Delta Works are here to to truly let you taste the colour of psychedelic grooves. Formed in 2017, these four musicians hail from a variety of backgrounds across England, Holland and beyond, but come together under a single goal: to reawaken the lost art form of tripping you out. Taking years of music education and inspiration from bands such as Radiohead, Porcupine Tree, Led Zeppelin,Tool and Soundgarden, Delta Works have transformed their skills into musical effusions that explore all corners of the Psychedelic and Rock genres, getting you closer to the experience of being a lava lamp than ever before. The band make it their mission to create interesting, conceptual and emotive tracks which tell a story and captivate the listener, and live, the band prove this mission to be a success beyond all doubt with tremendous sets showcasing the full extent of their talent, both as individual musicians and a unit. Riffs to get you jumping, low-ends to shake your liver, rhythms to get you dancing and vocals to make you question your sexuality, Delta Works are so much more than just another rock band.

'' Their name was inspired by the ''Delta Werken'' , a series of defensive structures to protect the Netherlands from the water ''

Folly den Toom / guitar

Founder of the band, Folly AKA as Barrylimestone, is originally from Westenschouwen, a hamlet in Zeeland in the Netherlands. Close to his home over there, ''The Oosterscheldekering'' ( one of the Delta Works) , is located. He moved to Brighton to pursue his musical ambitions. Whilst attending BIMM over there, he met Conor (ex) and Josh with whom he formed an instrumental group called ''Blue Pork Jam''. After A while they felt vocals were needed to enhance the music and after bringing in Joseph for a few jams, Delta Works was born. His Blues background can be heard in the heart and soul of the band's music.

Josh Thomas / bass guitar

Originally a guitar player from Harberton, Josh Thomas facilitates the low end of the band. His unique bass lines and huge sound glue everything together like IKEA furniture. Upon realising his potential as a bassist, he moved down to Brighton where he started attending BIMM and met the rest of the band. Being a big fan of progressive music as well as Hip-Hop, his influence can clearly be heard in some of their more complex and experimental work, as well as the band's overall grooviness. 

Joseph Duquemin /singer

(Joe) Joseph grew up in Guernsey, one of the channel islands. He discovered his passion for music when he started playing guitar as a teenager. Later he discovered he had an even greater passion for singing, which became his main area of focus. Dying to escape the constraints of the isolated island he grew up on, he moved to the British mainland. After a few years of wondering the south coast, he found his home in Brighton and his meaning in music. Coming from a Metal background, he gives the signature hard edge to the band's otherwise intricate sound.

James Murrell / drums

Hailing from Shoreham (UK),

James provides the signature rhythmic grooves the band is so well known for. Being the youngest and newest member of the group, he never fails to inject energy into the music when spirits are low. Drumming is his absolute passion and he has been drumming since he was a young boy Next to music James also is an avid skater. After seeing the band was in need of a drummer in late 2018, James rose to the occasion and blew the band away with his tasty fills and solid backbeats. Since then he, together with Josh, has been providing the band with a solid sonic backbone of low end and high shimmer. 

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