The Delta Sound

Being that our material is quite diverse, Delta Works' sound lies somewhere in between Alternative Rock and Metal, exploring many of the sub-genres such as Progressive, Psychedelic and Experimental Rock/Metal. Despite the material being quite diverse, it's important to note that it's still a coherent whole and that the Delta Works sound undeniably flows throughout all of the material. It is our goal to tell stories and take the listeners on a journey.


Often our music directly, or indirectly comments on global/societal issues as well as mental health problems. Something which can be seen in the visual imagery that accompanies the music in our music videos. 

'' The band doesn't limit itself by adhering to the current commercial standards '' - (ONS EILAND - 2018)

Latest Releases

''Rivers of Dye is currently our latest release, it is a story about a person reaching a new level of self realisation after having a psychedelic experience. (See video on the right.)

At the moment we have a new 'stand alone single' coming up called ''Jager à L'ombre. This song will be released on the 31st of November. After that we are going to start work on our first album, which we aim to release at some point next year, most likely May/April 2019. 


Our music is available on all major streaming platforms and in all major web music stores. This includes free services such as Soundcloud and YouTube. We also have a bandcamp page and of course you can always contact us about buying it of us directly! (Links to all of our music/social pages can be found at the top of the website in the form of little icons.


Management & Booking


Email: deltaworksofficial@gmail.com | Phone: +31623833390

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